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Thanks for wanting to contribute to KitchenOwl!

Where do I go from here?

So you want to contribute to KitchenOwl? Great!

If you have noticed a bug, please create an issue before starting any work on a pull request or get in contact by joining our Matrix space.

Fork & create a branch

If there is something you want to fix or add, the first step is to fork the repository. Frontend Backend Website

Next is to create a new branch with an appropriate name. The general format that should be used is

git checkout -b '<type>/<description>'

The type is the same as the type that you will use for your commit message.

The description is a descriptive summary of the change the PR will make.

General Rules

  • All PRs should be rebased (with main) and commits squashed prior to the final merge process
  • One PR per fix or feature

Setup & Install

  • Install flutter
  • Install dependencies: flutter packages get
  • Create empty environment file: touch .env
  • Run app: flutter run
  • Create a python environment python3 -m venv venv
  • Activate your python environment source venv/bin/activate (environment can be deactivated with deactivate)
  • Install dependencies pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  • Initialize/Upgrade the sqlite database with flask db upgrade
  • Run debug server with python3
  • The backend should be reachable at localhost:5000

Git Commit Message Style

This project uses the conventional commits format.

Example commit messages:

chore: update gqlgen dependency to v2.6.0
docs(README): add new contributing section
fix: remove debug log statements